Audio Recording

Welcome to folkspeech, an interactive web-app that will analyse your vowels. For more details regarding our project see the post below. This is our audio widget. To record your audio click on Start listening and then click Record. After a couple of minutes you should be able to visualise your recording, to do that please go to "Visualise your recordings". Currently, we are in the development/testing phase. The app allows recordings of length of 2 seconds.


Welcome to folkspeech.

Folkspeech is a web-app for analysing your voice. The current app is an alpha version, so we expect the functionality to expand and improve substantially over time. At the moment the app will extract the vowels from your speech and display them on a visual chart which shows how similar they are to the standard vowel sounds of English. In order to use the functionalities of our web-app you need to register and authenticate your account. After recording a short sequence of words, our pipeline will automatically extract the vowels from this recording (at the moment it takes a couple of minutes). After the audio is processed you will be able to see a list of your recordings. To visualise them click "Visualise your recordings". This is a collaboration between researchers in linguistics, mathematics and statistical physics from Cambridge and Portsmouth Universities. For more information please go to About site. We hope that you will enjoy the functionalities that our app provides.


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